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In the past, getting a home loan meant going to your neighbourhood bank and applying for one, followed by a lot of legwork to get that loan sanctioned. Well, not anymore!

Thanks to the new legislations in Australia, an experienced mortgage broker is now fully capable of helping you to get you a loan to buy your first home, invest in property or get a refinance on an existing mortgage. What’s more – all that legwork is history, since the broker takes care of all the formalities for you. Oh, and you don’t need to pay them anything either, since they get paid by the bank. Do we really need to go on?

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To help you find the perfect home, we’d like to give you a free Loan Village Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) property report.

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There are so many mortgage brokers in Australia, and all of them seem to offer reliable services. So, why would you come to us? Well, here are some very good reasons for doing so:

1.    Completely Australian-owned.
2.   Can negotiate lower interest rates for you.
3.   Assigning a personal loan manager to you.
4.   Completely FREE property report.



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